Our Creation


This brand was created by celebrity make-up artist & hairstylist Theo A.Faulkner, during his professional journey, working with various Television shows, and a plethora of clients, including several luminaries. The name in itself was organically created by the appreciation of one of Theo's clients, Jennifer Lewis Hall, a News Anchor and TV Host on "My2Cents" on Network Centric. Jennifer was so in love with her make-up, hair-styling and wardrobe - all facilitated by Theo A.Faulkner, for an appearance, she turned around after looking in the mirror and said "THANKYOUTHEO." - In that magical moment the brand TYTBeauty was born.
Raised both in the US (Bronx NY) and his ancestral home of Anegada, British Virgin Islands, Theo was inspired by his parents and grandparents who were all great influences by way of passing their knowledge and "old school" ideas of natural products and formulas, balanced by a keen understanding of Island remedies by way of fruits, spices and plants to improve health and well being. This is all brought to fruition in the TYTBeauty brand.
We at TYTBeauty wishes everyone the highest level of enjoyment and lasting results from our products. Much love and dedication has gone into the creation and production of TYTBeauty. Love yourself as we share with you the "Gift of Gratitude."