TYTBeauty Hibiscus Hemp & Honey - Universal Cleanser

TYTBeauty Hibiscus Hemp + Honey Universal Cleanser is a natural cleanser that can be used for ALL skin types on ALL parts of the body. It gently cleanses the skin of all dirt and impurities without stripping the skin and also drawing moisture back into the skin. Its ingredients contains anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties which are good for calming the skin and looking youthful. This cleanser is a great way to beautify and rejuvenate the skin and improving texture.

in the mix:
Hibiscus:  supports your body's natural collagen production, helps slow down collagen degradation, prevent elastin breakdown, helps ease inflammation.  It has AHAs, which exfoliate the skin and helps speed up wound healing.

Honey:  extremely moisturizing, exfoliates, nourish damaged skin.

Hemp Oil:  reduce inflammation, acne treatment, Improves dermatitis.

Rose-hip Oil:  high in vit A, promotes skin regeneration, improves skin flexibility & texture.

Frankincense Oil:  natural astringent, beautify & rejuvenates skin, anti-aging, reduces anxiety.
DIRECTIONS: Pump a small amount, A little goes a long way. Apply to Damp skin with hands or cleansing brush. Recommended to use twice daily for best results. SHAKE WELL!
 6 Fl Oz.

ingredients:  Organic hibiscus oil, Organic honey, Organic coconut oil*, Potassium hydroxide, Organic palm kernel oil*, Organic olive oil*, Organic hemp oil, Organic jojoba oil, Citric acid, Tocopherol, Rose-hip oil, Frankincense oil, Fragrance M